Online Puppy Training

Due to Covid restrictions group classes for training puppies is not allowed.

We have developed a range of short online courses where we support both new and more experienced owners through their new life of puppy ownership. Unlike other online courses we tailor our courses to your individual needs. And offer round the clock online



You wont be herded into a zoom classroom with ten other owners where you cant hear the trainer or you are stuck just waiting for your turn.With our classes you will get the total and undivided attention of the trainer as our weekly zoom element is one to one tuition. We also film our own exercises which you have access to review whenever you want. And we offer the a service online that if you have a question regarding your puppy we can chat it through straight away.



What do we teach you ? Well we have split it down to 3 options. Ideally to get the most from these you would start at one and work your way through.

Puppy 1 

Socialization,Focus, Settle, Loose Lead Walking, Recall, Down

Puppy 2

Dealing with distractions, Send to Bed, Boomerang, Down Stay

Puppy 3

Play, Leave, Drop, Retrieve and Sit Stay

What is included in your course? We offer an individual 40 minute Zoom consultation once a week for four weeks. Individual training program issued weekly with goals and advice. Full access to training videos. Full access to support 7 days a week. We are also offering to tailor some of the content to your specific needs if required.

We also offer one off Zoom consultations which you can either have in conjunction with the course package or independent to the courses.

Online Puppy Course – £50 ( 4 number 1 to 1 zoom lessons)

Online Zoom consultation £20 ( 1  Zoom Lesson )