What is scentwork?

Scentwork is where your dog uses its natural skills to find a specific scent.

This is exactly how dogs working in law enforcement, customs, explosive detection and medical detection dogs are used for there specific tasks.

We train the dogs on the course to search, find and indicate a specific scent which is supplied by there owners. This could be anything from gun oil to tea bags. We use classical conditioning techniques to introduce a scent and positive reward based techniques to reinforce the behaviour of finding the scent.
 Handlers are taught to use clickers to mark the behaviours that they want to reward. We teach how dogs use there nose and what factors can effect the scent. Search techniques will used in various scenarios as both the dogs and handlers skills develop.

Whilst your dog is working you see them become totally engrossed in there search. We have found that fearful dogs actually can gain confidence by working and succeeding.

All of our lessons are one hour duration and the courses comprise of six lessons. Owners will be expected to carry on the training in there own time to develop the skills to progress in the course.



SNIFFER NOVICE – We start with a practical lesson without the dogs on week one. Here we