Doing the right thing for your puppy is what all owners try to do. But with so much advice about, much of it conflicting it is difficult to make the right choices. For example “show the dog who is the pack leader, show him who is boss”. I can assure you that the dog knows you are not a dog. He never had a pack mentality and never will. And forcing a dog to do something against its will causes more long term damage than anything else.


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Food Treats

IMG_0003Food is a good aid to your training but it needs to be attractive to your dog. Depending on the level of distractions around you whilst you are training and your dogs focus you will need a higher quality treat than dry biscuits. Generally the dried treats from pet shops are not a high enough incentive for the dog.Also it is much easier for the dog to digest a small piece of soft food is much easier for the dog to digest .Particularly when doing heel work when the level of rewards is high and the dog is being given treats whilst moving. We suggest that you try various foods. Some of the most common foods used are tinned hot dogs,pressed chicken,  fresh chicken,cheese, ham or liver cake. The treats must be cut up small to aid digestion and delivery.

To make handling the treats easier it is advisable to use a treat bag to contain your treats .This will keep them secure from your dog and also aid you in the delivery of the treats.