029Specialist Training

iStock_000025310604SmallTracking – This course is to be carried at alternative venues subject to numbers and interest.

Urban Desensitisation – This is where we introduce a small group of dogs and their handlers into city centre locations. We start with low level distractions and times when these distractions are at their lowest and gradually increase the distraction as the dogs progress. During these exercises we are also teaching the owners techniques to use to keep their dogs calm and have focus.

Tricks – To be arranged subject to interest

Brittany sitting, looking away, 15 months old, isolated on white

Training Tips

Liver Cake 

The ultimate training treat! No dog will be able to resist your charms when you carry a pocketful of liver cake!
1 lb (450g) liver (lambs or pigs)
1 lb (450g) granary flour
2 eggs
One teaspoon of oil
Dash of milk
Liquidise liver with eggs, milk and oil in a blender.
(We dont recommend a hand blender as its hard to clean afterwards).
Add to flour and mix. Put into a microwave dish and cook on full power for about six to
ten minutes When cooked the cake should bounce back when pressed lightly
Once cool, cut the cake into slices and freeze immediately
. Take out of freezer when required
and defrost before use
(Note: for dogs with sensitive tummies, you can substitute a tin of
Some liver cake recipes also include a hint of garlic for extra flavour
however, as some people are concerned about it’s use in dogs, this is strictly optional.

Of course, please consult your vet if you are concerned about any aspects of your dog’s health