Tracking is a natural instinct that all dogs possess. Over the years man has learnt to use this instinct in a number of ways. These include anything from sniffing out drugs at the airport to tracking the criminal across the countryside.

There is nothing better to see how a dog can follow the footsteps of a tracklayer across a field and getting his just reward at the end of the track.

Through our tracking courses we want to just teach you and your dog to track. We want to  nurture that bond that you will develop from working as a team. You will also team up with other handlers in class so that your dogs will have a variety of scents to track. Also by working with other class members you will find it becomes more of a shared learning experience.


Our academy comprises of five number courses. Each course will comprise of five lessons with each lesson being two hours duration. Our aim is to not just show you how to get your dog tracking. We want to understand why your dog is doing what he does. Our aim is to help you build a bond with your dog and let you both gain the necessary information to make a successful tracking team.


ALPHA COURSE – Our beginners course includes one theory lesson where we have no dogs and we explain how dogs noses work. We talk through canine body language and what to look for as the dog is working. Other subjects include line handling, environmental considerations, simple track laying and recording. This will give you the foundation to build on for all of our other tracking courses. We will start our practical lessons with scent squares and move onto varying straight tracks raising and lowering criteria to suit the individual teams. The later lessons will incorporate turns in the track.

BETA COURSE – With this course we begin with where we leftin ALPHA but start introducing more turns and open boxes. We also look at the effect of time on a track (aged).

GAMMA COURSE – We introduce articles on the track. Much more complex track layouts. Also more challenging environments. Including cross tracks if appropriate.

DELTA COURSE – With this course we bring together all the elements that we have learnt previously. It will also include person search.The last lesson will culminate in a short competition with prizes. ADVANCED COURSE – This course will be for the serious trackers. We will introduce hard surface tracking and area searches with indication.  

All you need to bring along is dog, harness, high value food rewards, favourite toy, poo bags and normal lead.