Individual Walks – These are for when you need your dog simply exercised. Walking on pack walks is not always good for the dogs impulse control and can sometimes lead to lack of attention especially when in sight of other dogs. This is where a balance of fun and attention is taught. Training walks – These are for owners that either have specific issues that they would like to work on example – Jumping up, Heel work, Recall etc. These can be done by the trainer taking the dog for the hour and we encourage owner participation subject to Covid regulations. New Skills Training  – These are for owners that want there dogs taught new skills example – Scent work, Tracking and Fun Agility. Grumpy Dog Walk – Some dogs are can be a bit reactive to others in their space. Let someone who is trained in canine body language and behavior modification take your dog to selected areas where his stress levels are less likely to be raised. Someone that knows how to use distance to aid in keeping triggers from stacking and the build up of Serotonin in your dogs brain. This is not suitable for dog to human reactivity.We will help your dog to view other dogs as less of a threat and promote less reactivity. Puppy’s Meet The World – With these walks we take your puppy on different adventures to various areas in order to socialize them to the environment.Many owners consider socialization is just letting puppy’s play with each other. When in fact the foundation that you build with your puppy in those early months is so much more. Think of every one of your pups senses. These are what we are going to condition to a varied scope of environmental challenges.This prepares your puppy for their life ahead. And using positive reinforcement will give your puppy the very best start in their life. Whilst this is going on we will be building focus and self control with them in this new and exciting world. Some examples we would take your puppy are – Seaside, Town Center, Train Journey, Garden Center, Market etc. Puppy Pop In – This is where we pop in to your home while you are at work or away and check on your puppy. We will feed, toilet, offer some enrichment and company for them. So important to provide for their needs while you still get on with your life.


Individual Walks –  1 hour duration, £15 Training Walks  –    1 hour duration £25 Grumpy Dog Walks – 1 hour duration £30 New Skills Training – 1 hour duration £30 Puppy’s Meet The World – 1 hour duration £25 Puppy Pop In – 30 min duration £12 Packages are available for both Grumpy Dog Walks and New Skills Training. Blocks of 5 will give you a Saving of £10 per block of 5 if booked and paid for in advance. Please contact us to discuss the various options. TRAVEL – 0 to 5 miles no additional charge, 5 miles to 10 miles £1.00 per mile (fare centre CT6 7LJ)